In the book A Raisin in the Sun, Lena Younger played the mother of an African Am

In the book A Raisin in the Sun, Lena Younger played the mother of an African American family living in ghetto. Lena had dreams of her family moving to a new house in the suburbs. The move was made possible because of the insurance money collected from Lena’s deceased husband. In the story Lena had a small plant that she cared for. This plant represented the dreams she had for her family. She believed the more she took care and watch over this plant, the more it would grow and be strong. She thought about her family in the same way. She believed that if she kelp the family working together, they would continue to grow together. No matter what troubles come their way, they would rise out of poverty into a better life. These dreams of a better life were a struggle to bring to reality related to the struggles of trying to make ends meet in run down 2-bedroom apartment which houses 5 people. Lena also struggled to keep the small plant alive. There was little sunlight coming in via the window. Lena never gave up on the prosperity of her family or her plant. Even at the end of the story when they were moving to Clybourne Park, Lena took the plant with her. This plant symbolizes that her dreams were still alive just like the plant.
For your research project this semester, you will be writing a literary analysis. A literary analysis is an essay in which you examine literary texts closely in order to understand their messages, to interpret their meanings, and to appreciate the writer’s techniques. There are many different ways to approach a literary analysis. You may choose to focus on imagery in a text (like Lena’s plant in A Raisin in the Sun) or you may want to look at a theme that winds its way through a text (like race stereotypes in “The Passing of Grandison”). Perhaps you want to look at one of the novels we’ve read and examine it against the film I Am Not Your Negro comparing and contrasting the ways in which those two texts present civil rights issues. The possibilities are endless.
Key Elements of a Literary Analysis
A literary analysis, like any other writing, has important key factors that must exist within your writing for it to be successful.
An arguable thesis: essentially, in a literary analysis, you are arguing that your analysis of the text is valid. Therefore, your thesis must be arguable. It has to make a claim about the literature that you will then prove with clear evidence in the body paragraphs.
Arguable Thesis: Harriet Jacobs’ slave narrative highlights toxic gender stereotypes that undermines women, especially women of color.
Non-arguable Thesis: Harriet Jacobs was a woman who used sex in order to survive slavery.
You do not want to give what is essentially a summary of some aspect of the literature. Instead, you want to make a claim that another academic may look at and say “wait a minute! I disagree and here’s why!”
Careful attention to the language of the text: good writer’s write knowing that their words may have a lasting impact on their readers. They choose words, imagery, etc. very carefully to paint a picture for their readers. You do not want to ignore the ways in which a writer has written a literary text. Examine the techniques the writer uses and consider how those techniques impact the audience. This requires a close reading with annotation.
Attention to patterns and themes: your analysis should be built on evidence that exists within the text, which means you have to pay special attention to the patterns explored by the writer and the way themes are used.
A clear interpretation: when writing a literary analysis, you want to show your interpretation of the text based on contextual evidence to support what you believe the text means. This requires you to carefully examine the text, find passages that specifically highlight your interpretation, and adequately represent those passages in your writing using proper quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing techniques.
The Assignment
For this research essay, choose one of the texts we’ve read this semester, and analyze it carefully, using both contextual evidence from the text and source materials from the databases. Because this is a larger assignment, you are required to use 5 sources in all: 1 should be a primary text, which is the text you are analyzing from our readings, and the other 4 should be secondary texts, which are the sources you find through your research with the library databases. If you choose to incorporate a film, television show, or song/album in your essay, it will be considered a second primary text, so you will still need 4 sources from the databases.
Your approach to this essay is entirely up to you. Follow the key elements laid out earlier in this document, choose a thread you would like to unwind in your analysis, and go for it. To help you along the way, you will be working on a research proposal and an annotated bibliography. This will give me a chance to supply you with helpful feedback to make sure you are on the right path.
The Specifics
1200 words, plus a works cited page (not included as part of the word requirement)
Times New Roman, 12 pt font throughout (no exceptions to this)
MLA formatting throughout the document
5 sources in all: 1 primary text WHICH IS THE RAISIN IN THE SUN BY LORRAINE HANSBERRY and 4 secondary texts
The use of contextual evidence throughout
A note on Plagiarism
Any student who submits work that is not their own, including poorly quoted, summarized, or paraphrased material, will fail the essay immediately and a report will be filed with the Vice President of Academic Affairs for Academic Dishonesty. You can find more information about plagiarism in the Academic Integrity Information module in D2L.
Annotated Bibliography
Ghani, Hana’ Khalief. “I Have a Dream —Racial Discrimination in Lorraine Hansberry’s a Raisin in the Sun.” Theory and Practice in Language Studies, vol. 1, no. 6, 1 June 2011, 10.4304/tpls.1.6.607-614.
This article talks about how the author, Lorraine Hansberry was able to deal with issues of racism and discrimination. How she portrayed a thoughtful story about a family struggling with poverty. It tells of Lena’s dream. What the house represented to Lena. How much she loved her family. The struggles of black families in the ghetto. It tells of the plant that she was caring for.
Loos, Pamela. A Reader’s Guide to Lorraine Hansberry’s a Raisin in the Sun. Berkeley Heights, Nj, Enslow Publishers, 2008.
Presents an analysis of the play. Discussing the plot, themes, and major characters in the play. It tells how Lean said the plant she was caring for never gets enough sunlight or water, but it continues to grow. Lena looks at her family in the same way. Through all the ups and downs, they will continue to keep surviving. Working together to become better. Better to Lena is moving to a new home. A home out of the ghetto. How Lena cared for her plant is like how she cared for her family. Lena would like to have a garden at her new home to represent how for her family had come.
Lynn Domina, and Lorraine Hansberry. “Understanding a Raisin in the Sun: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents.” Understanding a Raisin in the Sun: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents, Sept. 1998.
A literary analysis of the play. It focuses on segregation and integration. The topic of the relationship on the African American family. It speaks about the relationships between black women and men. The historical and social context of the play. It raises issues of segregation and family strife in the 1950’s.
Viator, Martha Graham, and Sara Halper. “Is the “American Dream” of Homeownership an Equal Opportunity Goal?” The Social Studies, vol. 105, no. 2, 14 Jan. 2014, pp. 75–79, 10.1080/00377996.2013.850052. Accessed 17 Nov. 2019.
This article addresses some hardships of homeownership. Looking at the pursuit of the American Dream though the characters of A Raisin in the Sun. How Lena put a down payment on a home without telling her family where it was located. The challenges of being African American and homeownership. The discrimination of where blacks can live. The unequal opportunities they have. Talks about the benefits of owning your own home. How the home could be left as an inheritance to her grandchildren.


Critical Analysis Paper: Kail & Cavanaugh (2019) present four styles of parentin

Critical Analysis Paper:
Kail & Cavanaugh (2019) present four styles of parenting that differ in their dimensions of warmth and control (p. 229). Read carefully through Chapter 7 before completing this assignment in order to learn more about the research surrounding parenting, particularly focusing on the research surrounding these four styles.
Effective parenting and discipline are popular topics for discussion in the Christian community. This has spurred questions about the interpretation of scripture when it comes to parenting, one example being the proper way to discipline children in light of psychological research on this topic. Some advocate strongly for corporal punishment, while others recommend a more reinforcement-based approach. This topic, among other topics in the parenting discussion, will be the subject of this assignment.
Write a critique of the four parenting styles and their differing approaches to the factors described by Kail & Cavanaugh (2019) on page 229 (listed previously). Address the following in your paper:
Citing Kail & Cavanaugh (2019) and including relevant scripture, critique the four parenting styles and their differing approaches to factors described by Kail & Cavanaugh (2019)on p. 229.
Although you should analyze all aspects of parenting in your paper, be sure to particularly spend time analyzing the disciplining of a child from all four parenting style perspectives.
Ensure that your analysis of the parenting styles is supported and informed by Scripture.
Conclude your paper with your interpretation of a biblical understanding of how to raise children.
Your critique should be three pages long (in addition to cover and reference pages), should be written in APA format, and should meet the expectations outlined in the grading rubric.
In addition to your text, use a minimum of (2) two scholarly sources (please use the CCU library website or a similar resource to find these), and at least two passages from the Bible to write your paper.
Click on the Session 3 Critical Analysis Paper link to submit your assignment by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.
Kail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. (2019). Human development: A life-span view (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage

Healthcare and Nursing

Write a 3-5 paged paper (excluding the title page and references) on a specific

Write a 3-5 paged paper (excluding the title page and references) on a specific disaster. Examples include:
Winter Storm
Heat-related Disaster
Volcanic Eruption
Disease epidemic or pandemic
Nuclear event

You must address in your paper the following:
1) What issues in this disaster would make triaging of victims a challenge?
2) What Public Health issues may ensue (e.g., infectious disease outbreaks) and what can we do to mitigate the events?
3) How can interagency cooperation and local collaboration be effectively utilized?

Your paper should adhere to APA expectations and must include a cover page, an introduction, the body, a well-defined conclusion, and a reference page. Your paper must include at least 5 scholarly references (no Wikipedia!). References should be scholarly peer reviewed journal articles, official reports or from other reading resources.


writing at least 1 ½ – page on how you see physics and it relates to everyday ev

writing at least 1 ½ – page on how you see physics and it relates to everyday events. For example driving a car, cooking, if you have a pet and it does some funny physics stunts, or you want to do an experiment (something that is safe not a crazy one), have fun with it and learn something that you have not learn before…
Please put some time into it, it must be worthy of 15 points.
It has to include something relate to what we have done in class. The more insightful you are, the more likely you are to earn the full points.
You must turn in the report (font no larger than 12pt, single-spaced, margins 1”
Last day to turn in your extra credit report the week before the semester ends.
Please email me the extra credit report

Health sciences and medicine

Please read through these paper and elaborate on the prevention, high risk facto

Please read through these paper and elaborate on the prevention, high risk factors, disease mechanism, and treatment method for ebola


Taking into account personal, work experience and educational development, answe

Taking into account personal, work experience and educational development, answer the following questions:
How the theory of connectivism helps students in the learning process?;
How the theory of connectivism helps teachers in the learning process?
Each answer must be developed in a minimum of 6 lines.


Think about an academic subject that inspired you. Describe how you have further

Think about an academic subject that inspired you. Describe how you have furthered this interest inside and/or outside of the classroom.
Above is the prompt, I wanted to talk about chemistry, and how I spent time outside of class studying different areas and did fun experiments at home with materials I bought online, and how I volunteered to help the school chemistry teacher with grading, you can extend on that and make stuff up, up to you.


This final research paper must include a theme and thesis from film (SOUND OF MU

This final research paper must include a theme and thesis from film (SOUND OF MUSIC) : 4 pages, 5th page is Work Cited, MLA format, with 3 sources. Theme is Co-dependency on drugs. Use file for the film use examples to relate co-dependency in film Sources :


Is an essay about my community service. I worked in social media for politicians

Is an essay about my community service. I worked in social media for politicians and I worked with old people getting their pressure taken. Just invent something related to that and that it changed my life.

Business and Management

I chose Facebook as my company. I will also be messaging in the exhibits in soon

I chose Facebook as my company. I will also be messaging in the exhibits in soon.
Individually you are to write a report on an existing company’s organizational behavior. Do your research/use your network to find out job roles/responsibilities, organizational chart, organization mission/vision, company culture, strategies for conflict resolutions, etc. In your report, you must incorporate 2 concepts/exhibits from chapters 13 and 14 (just a total of 2, not 2 per chapter) to best explain how the organization operates or should operate. Chapter 13 focuses on organizational culture and Chapter 14 focuses on creating change within an organization. This project is useful to all who are searching the job market to find their next opportunity. More detail will be discussed in class. Each person will have a different company to research, company selections may not repeat. This will be submitted in a Word Doc as a business report. Total points for this project are 10 points.
5 points for the section on About the Organization
5 points for the section on Current Job Openings To receive the maximum number of points for each section, you should be able to tell me A LOT about the organization. This shows me that you have thought about the assignment deeply and have done your research.
Title Page
Name of Organization
Student Name
Table of Contents
About the Organization
Mission Statement/Purpose
For-Profit or Non-Profit?
Where is it located?
Philosophies/Work style
Anything else you can share
Current Job Openings What are they? Why do you think these specific jobs are posted? Which job would you apply to? Based on the current job postings, what type of direction/change do you think the organization will make in the future?